Location & Information

The Venue

Over 2000 students will meet for Presence in Germany to celebrate Easter together from 13-18 of April 2017. The conference takes place in the f.a.n. Frankenstolz-Arena Aschaffenburg, a big city sports hall. All meetings and seminars will take place there as well as in schools nearby. The schools will also serve for accommodation. Bring a camping mat to sleep on, a sleeping bag and pillow for this international sleep-over. 

Time your arrival 

On-site-registration opens at 2 p.m. on Thursday the 13th. The conference program will start with dinner at 6 p.m. Presence will finish on Tuesday the 18th after breakfast at 9 a.m. Please schedule your traveling time around this and plan enough time to find your accommodation and unpack. 

How to get there

Our location

f.a.n. Frankenstolz Arena
Seidelstraße 2
63741 Aschaffenburg

By car and coach

You will reach our location through the Autobahn A3 or A45 and roads B8 or B26, exit "Leider/Schulzentrum/Schwimmbad/Eissporthalle". Free parking space is available at the "Volksfestplatz", Darmstaedter Strasse 14, and at the "Stadion am Schoenbusch", 63741 Aschaffenburg.

By train

To travel to Presence by train, please find a connection that takes you to Aschaffenburg main station (Hauptbahnfof/Hbf). 
Many trains that will take you there go through Frankfurt Airport or Frankfurt main station. Please follow these steps to travel to Presence by train: 

From Frankfurt Airport, take a train to Aschaffenburg main station (in German: "Hauptbahnhof"/Hbf). You might have to change trains in either Darmstadt or Frankfurt main station. Please note: there are two stations in the Airport - a regional ("cheap" trains) and a long distance (more expensive trains like ICE) station. Don't hesitate to ask airport staff if you are unsure where to go!

From Aschaffenburg main station (Hbf), you can take a bus or simply walk to the f.a.n. arena.
By bus: take line 3 direction Stockstadt which takes you to the stop "Berufsschule", which is right in front of our location. Tickets can be purchased from the busdriver. If you have an "ICE" or "VAB" ticket, it may be valid on the bus – please ask the driver to make sure. If you chose to walk, it is approximately 2 km to the arena. We’ll look forward to welcoming you at Presence!

Make sure you buy the right ticket for the right train. "ICE" and "IC" - tickets are faster but more expensive, "IRE", "RE", "RB" and "S" - tickets are a bit slower but cheaper. German train staff speaks English, so don't hesitate to ask them anything if you're unsure. Ticket machines are available in English as well. You can purchase national and international train tickets or find out more information on www.bahn.de and www.rmv.de


The currency used in Germany is the Euro. If you want to buy a train ticket, conference books or anything else, we recommend that you exchange some Euros before your arrival in Germany. 

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